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Norooz Eggs - Set of 5

  • SIZE OF EACH EGG: 2 inches (height) by 1 3/8 inches (diameter)
    MATERIALS: Wood and acrylic paint

    Artist: Kiyana Madani

    This is a set of 5 unique hand painted wooden eggs; a great addition to the Nowruz / Norooz haft sin table for this Persian new year and the years ahead.


    The designs on eggs are inspired by the Persian New Year Haft Seen. The most common Haft(+) Seen items of the Norooz (Persian New Year) spread and their symbolism:
    - SENJED (silver berry) for love and beauty.
    - SIR (garlic) for health and wellness.
    - SOMAGH (sumac) for new beginnings.
    - SERKEH (vinegar) for patience.
    - SONBOL (hyacinth) for spring.
    - SAMANOO (sweet wheat pudding) for strength and affluence.
    - SABZEH (wheat sprout) for nature and rebirth.
    - SEKKEH (coins) for wealth and prosperity.
    - SIB (apple) for beauty and healthy. The fish symbolizes life and it’s turning motion represents the transition into the new year.

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