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About Kiyanapolis and Kiyana Madani, Persian Canadian artist with a love for Persian culture, heritage, and history


Kiyana Madani, owner and artist of Kiyanapolis is a Persian Canadian with a passion for Persian culture and history

About Kiyanapolis

Kiyanapolis based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Through the form of art, Kiyanapolis aims to evoke the positive emotions and memories associated with the Persian culture and heritage.

One of a kind creations include persepolis art, pomegranate paintings, coasters, and Norooz haft seen pieces, including unique Norooz eggs for the Persian New Year that will spruce up any haft seen spread.

About the Artist || Kiyana Madani || Artist, Owner

Hello! My name is Kiyana, and I am the artist and owner of Kiyanapolis. I consider myself a global citizen, as I love to travel. I am currently residing in Calgary, Canada. Although I had left Iran at an early age, I have continued to hold on to my heritage. I have merged my love for art and Persian culture to create hand made products with a Persian flair.

I find it fulfilling that someone can look at my work and leave with a positive emotion, and I hope my art has this affect on you. I aim to also bring a bit of the past to the present with my artwork, as I gain inspiration through my love for ancient Persian poems, history and culture.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

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